I'd like to say.... our brand was born on an epic voyage across seven seas and two oceans. A voyage of raging storms, tsunamic swells and seething seas (think George Clooney perfect storm). A near death journey bringing the crew together, working as one heaving, sweating, drenched machine to push through the giant waves and surf across the atlantic to safe harbour. On the brink of death we vowed to follow our dreams should we survive - and my dream... yes you guessed it... was to design and produce a clothing brand for the adventurous spirits as they wander the planet over ocean and earth and spread light & happiness  wherever that brand would go.

But alas, the truth is somewhat different. The only raging, tsunamic, seething came spewing from the mouth of a particular wanker of a captain as he ordered his hapless crew around with all the charm and warmth of Pol Pot. Through gritted teeth (and with middle finger extended)  the answer was always...       "okay captain".

"Good name for a clothing brand" I thought, and, as they say in the classics,...    the rest is history.

Buy it. Wear it. Enjoy it...